Chanel Treasure Box

This Chanel Gift Box is an absolute treasure. This is very unique and could add value to your wardrobe, whether you are a collector, a fashion enthusiast, or looking to impress someone with a lifetime gift for Chanel Lovers. If you are looking for a perfect present then search no more, this is it! It’s structured in precious stone knitting like a major vanity case that includes a mirror inside. Once you peek into it, there are 4 little bags hanging tight for you to carry them. You heard us right, not one but 4 great bags. OMG!

Hands down, these will be the most valuable clutches that you will get in any Chanel Collection. This box loaded with classic yet elegant bags was sold-out even before it arrived at the Chanel boutique. In spite of the significant price, it won’t be an obstruction for most over the top fashionista’s on the planet.

Good Investment

Talking about investment, these four mini iconic bags that comprise of a Boy Bag, Classic Bag, Gabrielle Bag and the Reissu Bag. It is safe to say that these babies are the jewels of the fashion world. There is no way of them being going out of stylein the future, considering all Chanel bags go up!

Two Colors

This iconic box set of bags comes in black, or in another set of red and pink bags. These are everlasting as well as extra ordinary legacy pieces that you can definitely transfer to the future generation.

One of a Kind!

These bags are distinct and feinitely one of a kind. Why do we think so? Because they are smaller in size than the New Mini Classic Flap Bag. They are even smaller than the smallest bag of their line. Isn’t that great? This box stands out among all Chanel’s collection and is inspired by Chanel’s iconic elements including the CC logo. The worth of the box alone is much more than the retail price.

Limited Edition

Since, it is available for a limited span of time, therefore it will also be one of the best gifts you will ever get, with the most elevated worth. The resale of these bags will be astonishing when it’s no longer available. But who would in their sane mind ever want to sell these babies?

Take our advice, if you are among the lucky ones to get your hands on them, take them home and that’s our promise that you will never regret this decision.

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